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At Upside Capital, our investment thesis is circled around the Velocity of Capital. This is the ultimate way to build wealth! Join our Portal to see our offerings and how they may fit into your investment portfolio.
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We are a process and data driven investment firm that brings an institutional approach to acquisitions and asset management, which ensures that our deals achieve compelling risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Our leadership has significant experience in leading large scale projects for multinational corporations.
Let your capital work for you by investing in multi-family properties with Upside Capital. With our strategic approach on buying properties, we make sure our investors have the best opportunity to grow their wealth through investing.
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Upside Capital, alongside with Partnership with Harvest Property Group & Advisory Team, Live Oak Capital, have $50+ Million Dollars of Assets Under Management.


Tim Vitale

Tim Vitale is the Founder and Owner of Upside Capital based out of Wilmington, NC. He spent 10 years in the corporate finance world and achieved the ranking AVP of Finance for a F500 Insurance Company prior to leaving his W2 life to pursue real estate full time. He specializes in underwriting, analysis, and budgeting. Tim was born into a real estate family, owns rental property in the Charlotte area, and syndicates apartments and other commercial assets throughout the Southeast USA Markets. 

Tim Vitale runs his own Facebook group Makin’ Moves in Multifamily in which he provides value to other investors and syndicators through educational and inspirational Facebook events and posts. He is also an Admin and Moderator for the My First Million in Multifamily Facebook group.

Strategic Partner

Tim Vest

Tim Vest has more than 15 years in real estate and development. From partnering with developers, to developing raw land, to purchasing and investing in single family rentals, fix and flips, multifamily and hotels. He is currently an owner and partner on multiple apartment communities. Outside of his passion for Real Estate, Tim has also enjoyed a 20+ year career in Technology, founded multiple startups and enjoys music, sports, travel and an active lifestyle. Of course, none of this would be possible without the amazing support from his wife of 20 years, Sara, and their soccer star daughter, Payton.
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Strategic Partner

Matt nettles

Matt Nettles comes from a 5 year background of purchasing and investing in single family rentals, wholesale deals, as well as fix and flips. Matt has assisted numerous active duty military members get involved with their real estate investing endeavors. He has enjoyed a career working as an Aviation Logistician within the United States Air Force. Matt strives to bridge the gap in the multi family space with the lack of affordable housing around the country. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to new places.
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advisor / mentor / coach

yeadon smith

Yeadon was born in Texas, but his family moved home to Summerville, SC when he was eight years old. He was homeschooled from 3rd grade all the way through highschool, then moved out west to El Paso TX to work at an orphanage in Mexico for a year doing ministry work. When he moved home to Summerville 11 years later, it was with his wife and two children to consider a call to full time pastoral ministry.

He discerned that he was not called to the pastorate, and launched a career in real estate. At the same time he started his real estate career, the family of four grew to a family of six! Yeadon was one of the top producing real estate agents in his market while he was active in the residential transaction side of real estate. But the transactional nature of the business was burning him out. Yeadon partnered with his cousin, Jennings to build a property management company in 2018. From there, he quickly saw the potential of apartment investing and multifamily syndication.

In 2019 he found his first apartment deal and syndicated it with his partner, Jennings. After the first deal, the possibilities exploded. He focused on operations and efficiency and grew assets under management from $1mil to $30mil over the next 18 months.

In 2016, Yeadon decided he would train for a half-marathon, with no previous history as a runner. After his first race, in the haze of endorphins, he signed up for a full marathon, and has been running ever since.

Yeadon’s passion is building cash flow in abundance to be able to have freedom and build a legacy for the future.

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advisor / mentor / coach

jennings smith

Jennings realized the power of cash-flowing real estate early on, and decided to educate himself on how to grow that business, not with single-family homes, but by going after multifamily properties. He studied for years to learn the industry, taking multiple courses online.

He landed his first apartment deal in 2019 with a JV partnership. From there it grew until he has a portfolio of 500+ units so far. His passion is creating time freedom in his life so that he can focus on leaving a legacy for future generations.

Jennings lives in Summerville, SC with his wife and 4 children. Jennings enjoys traveling with his family, and spending time building his businesses. Jennings wants others to experience the freedom that comes with investing in real estate.

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